Explore the History of Minnesota Electronic Theater

Minnesota Electronic Theater 2021

MET Chair
Scott Gaff

Jury *
Anna Taberko
Michael Heagle
Michael Hilliger
Rachel Rohe
Shannon Gilley

*Jurors did not vote on work in which they had significant involvement. A member of the MET committee voted in their place.


December 2, 2021


Best Professional
Procedural Light

Runner Up Professional
Wisconsin Lottery Powerball
Pixel Farm

Best Independent
Michael Van Swearingen

Runner Up Independent
“Words” Music Video
Eric Kreidler & Mike Owens

Best Student
Dino Bone
Jordan Powers & Sam Durkin

Runner Up Student
Logan Himango

Best Game Trailer
Witness to the Revolution
Collaboration between professors, students, and former students from UW Stout and Carleton College

MET 2021 Reel Credits


Werewitch / Grace Clark, MCAD
Abyss Trailer 8ler / Morgan Brantner, UW Stout
Bud / Taylor Guntharp, MCAD
A Walk on the Wild Side / Kass Mossefin, MCAD
Keep It Together / Matt Mueller, MCAD
Dumpling Dash / Lisa Cui, Ringling
Dawn of the Falkonir / Team of Students from UW Stout
Dino Bone / Jordan Powers & Sam Durkin, Ringling
Color / Caleb Richardson, MCAD
Water / Lily Berg, MCAD
JOE / Noah Rogers, MCAD
Abiosis / Logan Himango, Depaul University
Heaven, Hell, Purgatory Intro / Matthew Madrid, MCAD
Polygon / Preston Suess, MCAD
Witness to the Revolution Game Trailer / Collaboration between professors, students, and former students from UW Stout and Carleton College


Janice’s Secret / Hellavision Television Network
I’m a Kid: President / Joel Erkkinen
Intellectual Advice Cat: The Encounter / Sishir Bommakanti
TURNOUT / Michael Van Swearingen
“Words” by Danny Weinkauf / Eric Kreidler + Mike Owens
Glow: Animation Teaser / Aurora Bell Tower Studios


The Lighthouse Mouse / Gasket Studios
Ahead of The Curve – Tether a Caregiver’s story / Ghost Productions
Callaway – Speed Frame / MAKE
Bush’s Beans Social Campaign 2021 / Pixel Farm
Icario – Connecting People to Health / eg design
Motion504 Social Media / Motion504
Ethan Allen – Dream Sleep Experience / Periscope
What Happens During a Bone Marrow Transplant? / Gasket Studios
CAR-T technology (excerpts) / hybrid medical animation
MAKE Instagram 2021 / MAKE
YuMove – Dog Nerds / Motion504
Facebook 2021 Groups Campaign / Pixel Farm
MedscapeTV opener: Pneumonia / hybrid medical animation
Splash / Motion504
Crunchyroll – X Box Game Pass / MAKE
Wisconsin Lottery Powerball / Pixel Farm
Influenza and the heart (excerpt) / hybrid medical animation
Hess Toy Trucks – Skywriter / MAKE
Earth Day 2021 Social Post / Pixel Farm
Dell XPS – What Starts with Passion / MAKE
Dough Joe / Motion504
Procedural Light / MAKE