Explore the History of Minnesota Electronic Theater

Minnesota Electronic Theater 2020

MET Chair
Scott Gaff

Jury *
Amy Schmitt
Danielle Pedersen
Jesse Pelkey
Justin Greiner
Logan Himango
Tony Mills
Zak Katara

*Jurors did not vote on work in which they had significant involvement. A member of the MET committee voted in their place.


December 3, 2020


Best Professional
Xbox Controllers 2020 Campaign

Runner Up Professional
Prescription Paper Pill Bottle
Pixel Farm

Best Medical Animation
Targeted Cell Death
Hybrid Medical Animation

Best Independent
The Door
Foreign Fauna

Runner Up Independent
Joel Erkkinen

Best Experimental
Intellectual Advice Cat Ep.6: Alchemy!
Sishir Bommakanti & Bryan Paul Patterson & Mitch Peterson

Best Student
Mackenzie Burke

Runner Up Student
Rachel Rohe

MET 2020 Reel Credits


The Cat’s Apprentice / Molly Hansen, MCAD
Motion Graphics Reel / Logan Himango, Depaul University
Rotvat / Spencer Siekierke, MCAD
Break A Leg / Alex McKenzie, MCAD
Engines / Mackenzie Burke, UW Stout
Bell Boy and Jingle-Jangle / Matthew Madrid, MCAD
Journey of the Wishes / Shaelynn Waseka, MCAD
Jump Scare / Caleb Richardson, MCAD
Winterlock / Jordan Schulz, UW Stout
Hot Diggity / Danielle Pedersen, UW Stout
Goop / Lily Berg, MCAD
Spike and Melody / Amabelle Johnson, MCAD
Holidaze at the Office / Saije Matthews, MCAD
Drifter / Rachel Rohe, UW Stout
Pelicoil, Swamp Wisp, Melting Sun / Seth Moulder, MCAD
The Witch’s Errand / Taylor Zerull, MCAD


Twurkey 2 Point OH! / Joel Erkkinen
Lessons During Covid / Rent The Sky Films
Intellectual Advice Cat Ep.6: Alchemy! / Sishir Bommakanti & Bryan Paul Patterson & Mitch Peterson
Dazzle / Skyler Swender
Wind / Splice, Ben Watne
Sourcewell Technology Advantage / Sourcewell
Maamawi / Jonathan Thunder
Intellectual Advice Cat Ep.19- Sleep Paralysis/Food Demand / Sishir Bommakanti
The Shiny Lights “M’Aidez” album promo / The Flying T Editing Company
PRJCT.RRNG / Logan Himango
George Floyd -Type Portrait – Where is the Love? / Betty Chin-Wu
DAD! / Joel Erkkinen
Variations on a Theme: People and Places / Mackenzie Burke
The Door / Foreign Fauna
Company Branding Animation / The Flying T Editing Company


Sickle Cell Vaso-Occlusion / hybrid medical animation
Mechsplorers – Mechrodile / MAKE
Ethan Allen – Disney Imaginations / Periscope
Quit Partner MN – 2020 Campaign / Motion504
Birth of a Chimeric Antigen Receptor / hybrid medical animation
Prescription Paper Pill Bottle / Pixel Farm
Callaway – 2020 Campaign / MAKE
COVID-19 PSA / Ghost Productions, Inc.
Big G “This and That” / eg design & Bright Bird
Grandma I Want To Be / WOMO Studio
Creamy Dreamy Goodness – Triple Cream / Post Motion, Chris Denny
Lochinvar – A Story Like No Other / MAKE
Aberrant Receptor & Over-Signaling / hybrid medical animation
HandsOn Twin Cities / VOLT Studios
Arctic Cat – Riot / MAKE
Antibody-Drug Conjugates / hybrid medical animation
Cheerios Social / Pixel Farm
Creamy Dreamy Goodness – Twisted Dough / Post Motion, Chris Denny
Easton – B5 Pro / MAKE
Kohls Cash – Get a Little More / Motion504
Targeted Cell Death / hybrid medical animation
Xbox – Controllers 2020 Campaign / MAKE
AIGA – Virtual Design Camp / Pixel Farm
Best Buy – Shop The Dorms – Social Loop / Motion504
Instagram Doodles 2020 / MAKE