Explore the History of Minnesota Electronic Theater

Minnesota Electronic Theater 2023

MET Chair
Emory Allen

Jury *
Danielle Pedersen
Deb Boyle
Jordan Walczak
Logan Himango
Natalia Poteryakhin

*Jurors did not vote on work in which they had significant involvement. A member of the MET committee voted in their place.

The Pourhouse

November 30, 2023


Best Professional
Social Posts 2023

Runner Up Professional
MN Timberwolves – City Edition
Pixel Farm

Best Independent
Marcus the Teenager’s Never-Ending Quest for Popularity (Part 2)
Michael and Lux’s AAA Production Company

Runner Up Independent
Closet Combat Episode 2
Augustus Hinton

Best Student
Purr-eakfast In Bed
Grey Anderson, MCAD

Runner Up Student
Heaven on Earth
El Starcher, MCAD

MET 2022 Reel Credits


Dammit! / Stanley McNeiece, Ringling
Ghost Town / Brittany Palladino-Deslauriers, MCAD
Beetle Bash / Undrown Studios, UW Stout
Golden Hour / Nicky Domrongwattanakul, MCAD
Nervous System / Zoe Dirks, MCAD
The Garden Thief / Snake Snax Studios, UW Stout
Marcus the Teenager’s Never-Ending Quest for Popularity / Michael Hilliger, UW Stout
Cinematography Reel 2022 / Parker Cmeyla, UW Stout
Zinnia / Sabrina Gessert, MCAD
Red Shift / Elijah Jackson, MCAD
Cherry Picking / Yumi Coy, MCAD
Death Witch / Avery Hall, Emily Park, and Kyra Suder, MCAD
No Visa / Kenealy, UW Stout
The Regular / Ezra Polome, Paola Medina, & Jenna Schuft, MCAD
Doom Boy / Charlie Peavey & Kalya Miller, UW Stout
Blood Transfusion / Lana Yang, MCAD
Organ and Bucket – Building Buddies / Max Gaballa, MCAD
Project: Arcade / Yefang Lee


Nice Moves AniJam 2022/ Nice Moves
Heck House / Heck Studio
Blood & Plastic / L.A.M.E. Entertainment
Liquid Gold / Patrick Shcwalbe
Fight or Flight / Ellie Nikoo
Detached / Foreign Fauna
How to Get a Girl to Like You / Molly Wright
Buzzkill Episode 1 / Michael Beachy
World Suicide (Teaser) / Andy Lefton


Twosday / Pixel Farm
Census Fundraising Announcement / Greyduck Creative
Bell Bank – Sneaky Fees / Gasket Studios
Arctic Cat – Changing Everything / MAKE
See-Thru (For Norman) / Adam Loomis
Home Run League Logo Animation / Brian Klein
Mitosis / MAKE
Surgical VR Benefits & Capabilities / Ghost Productions, Inc.
Sour Patch Kids – Social Spots / MAKE
Black History is a Verb / Pixel Farm
Lindt – Holiday Box / Ben Hall & Thomas Grave
Hot Wheels – Awesome Around Every Corner / MAKE
Seal It! Campaign / Gasket Studios
Callaway – Precision Technology / MAKE
Chocolate Hills / Unlimited Time Only
Social Work / Pixel Farm
Synth Aria / MAKE