Explore the History of Minnesota Electronic Theater

Minnesota Electronic Theater 2022

MET Chair
Scott Gaff

Jury *
Brock M. Thompson
Logan Whillhite-xiong
Mark LaCroix
Rachel Rohe
Skyler Swender

*Jurors did not vote on work in which they had significant involvement. A member of the MET committee voted in their place.


December 1, 2022


Best Professional
Chocolate Hills
Unlimited Time Only

Runner Up Professional
Synth Aria

Best Integration of Filmed Elements (Professional)
Seal It! Campaign
Gasket Studios

Best Independent
Foreign Fauna

Runner Up Independent
Buzzkill Episode 1
Michael Beachy

Best Student
Stanley McNeiece

Runner Up Student
Charlie Peavey & Kayla Miller

Best Silent Narrative (Student)
The Regular
Ezra Polome, Paola Medina, & Jenna Schuft

MET 2022 Reel Credits


Dammit! / Stanley McNeiece, Ringling
Ghost Town / Brittany Palladino-Deslauriers, MCAD
Beetle Bash / Undrown Studios, UW Stout
Golden Hour / Nicky Domrongwattanakul, MCAD
Nervous System / Zoe Dirks, MCAD
The Garden Thief / Snake Snax Studios, UW Stout
Marcus the Teenager’s Never-Ending Quest for Popularity / Michael Hilliger, UW Stout
Cinematography Reel 2022 / Parker Cmeyla, UW Stout
Zinnia / Sabrina Gessert, MCAD
Red Shift / Elijah Jackson, MCAD
Cherry Picking / Yumi Coy, MCAD
Death Witch / Avery Hall, Emily Park, and Kyra Suder, MCAD
No Visa / Kenealy, UW Stout
The Regular / Ezra Polome, Paola Medina, & Jenna Schuft, MCAD
Doom Boy / Charlie Peavey & Kalya Miller, UW Stout
Blood Transfusion / Lana Yang, MCAD
Organ and Bucket – Building Buddies / Max Gaballa, MCAD
Project: Arcade / Yefang Lee


Nice Moves AniJam 2022/ Nice Moves
Heck House / Heck Studio
Blood & Plastic / L.A.M.E. Entertainment
Liquid Gold / Patrick Shcwalbe
Fight or Flight / Ellie Nikoo
Detached / Foreign Fauna
How to Get a Girl to Like You / Molly Wright
Buzzkill Episode 1 / Michael Beachy
World Suicide (Teaser) / Andy Lefton


Twosday / Pixel Farm
Census Fundraising Announcement / Greyduck Creative
Bell Bank – Sneaky Fees / Gasket Studios
Arctic Cat – Changing Everything / MAKE
See-Thru (For Norman) / Adam Loomis
Home Run League Logo Animation / Brian Klein
Mitosis / MAKE
Surgical VR Benefits & Capabilities / Ghost Productions, Inc.
Sour Patch Kids – Social Spots / MAKE
Black History is a Verb / Pixel Farm
Lindt – Holiday Box / Ben Hall & Thomas Grave
Hot Wheels – Awesome Around Every Corner / MAKE
Seal It! Campaign / Gasket Studios
Callaway – Precision Technology / MAKE
Chocolate Hills / Unlimited Time Only
Social Work / Pixel Farm
Synth Aria / MAKE